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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 4, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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governor pat quinn is pull ago way from bill brady in the governor's race. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. the latest numbers show governor quinn leading brady by more than 19,000 votes. brady is not conceding and says he is going to wait for the official results before doing so. wgn's nancy loo is live at the board of elections in chicago
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where the counting continues. >> reporter: well, i just spoke with the lead council for -- counsel for the republican party and he claims the illinois governor's race is definitely not over. despite the odds ofs quinn lead widening more with the absentee balloting underway here at the county building, the brady campaign has no plans to throw in the towel. absentee ballots are still coming in to the cook county election board where workers will spend another day processing and sorting. another 900 ballots arrived yesterday. with about 15,000 envelopes to verify, it may be another 24 hours before workers begin to open those envelopes to tally the votes. though bill brady stressed need for a thorough count, the absentee balloting may work against him since the vast majority are coming in to chicago in cook county. mean time governor quinn has got an congratulatory call from
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president obama. with a 19,000 vote gap, a brady win is mathematically improbable. >> by tuesday the 16, even though the race is not officially over, by tiewls the 16 you will have all the numbers that you need. and increasingly it looks like this election is over. >> reporter: within the hour, governor quinn plans to stop in at manny's deli to thank chicago voters. bill brady is in springfield because the state senate is back in session. so far there is no talk of conceding. we are live at the county building in the loop, nancy loo, wgn news. thank you. a republican surge in illinois, gop taking the majority of the state's congressional delegation. the race has not been called in the eighth district. that's where democrat melissa bean has not conceded. republican joe walsh backed by the tea party is declaring a victory even though 2600 mail- in ballots have not been
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counted. his big bush push health care. he says it's time to start over. >> one of the things they want us to do is repeal this thing and start over. we held health care town halls for months during this campaign. doctors don't want it. small business doesn't want it. most americans want us to repeal it. >> melissa bean released a statement saying this election is too close to call. still thousands of votes left to be counted and we are working to understand the provisional and absentee ballot situation. we will continue to work to understand the will of the voters. president obama talked compromise and togetherness at this morning's cabinet meeting. he has invited incoming house speaker john boehner. current speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader to a bipartisan meeting on the 18. he wants to talk to the bipartisan group about the economy, tax cuts and unemployment insurance. the president says it's clear that the voters want legislators to focus on the economy and jobs. and like two sports rivals
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after a bruising contest, mark kirk and aleksei giannoulias shook hands and told each other good game. senator elect kirk met his democratic rival for beers and burgers last knight at the billy goat. giannoulias congratulated the winner. traded campaign stories gave him a small gift and shared his e-mail and cell phone number. they agreed the battle is over. >> tough rhetoric is during the campaign and now the time is to govern. >> people are getting killed out there with this lesession -- recession. we have to put down partisan silly politics and we shall all work together and focus on helping people. >> it will take at least a couple week for kirk's election to be certified and for him to be sworn in. he says his first priority is to vote to extend former president bush's income tax cut for all americans including wealthy ones. beyond that kirk says he will fight in the effort by president obama to raise taxes or expand government. the illinois senate is back at work today in springfield to take up a plan to borrow $4 billion. but there is no guarantee it
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will pass. senate republicans want money saving reforms and health insurance for the poor and workers compensation programs. the state bases a but -- faces a budget deficit that's expected to hit $15 billion by the middle of next year. borrowing plan would allow payments to be made to the state pension system. police are investigating a possible murder and sue -- attempted suicide in west suburban bloomingdale. four-year-old girl was found dead with her wounded mother yesterday in a town home after a relative called for medical assistance. bloomingdale police say the mother's wounds appear to be self-inflicted. she was taken to a local hospital. neighbors have said the mother was in a custody dispiewt. she was watching the girl while the grandmother was out of town. two houses and a church were destroyed last night in a fire in ford heights. fire broke out at 7:30 last night in a home in the 1400 block of woodlawn avenue.
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word about the emergency spread quickly. nine homes were evacuated and so was the church that is home to the christ for everyone ministry. more than a dozen parishioners were inside at the time of the fire. >> we were inside of the church and we noticed there were flames on the side. and we rushed in. i told them there was the fire outside of the building and everybody rushed out. >> the fire was so large, flames could be seen from a mile away. no one was injured. investigators right now are working on trying to find the cause of that blaze. the political fundraiser for former governor rod blagojevich tony rezko will finally be sentenced. rezko is already in jail two years ago he was convicted in a pay to play scheme where he would shakedown people who wanted state business. his sentencing date is january 28. rezko did not testify at blagojevich's first corruption trial where the former governor
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was found guilty of lying to the fbi. but rezko's attorney says he is prepared to testify at the retrial in april. next on the midday news, was it just moments from exploding in mid-air? what one government official saying about a mail bomb destined for chicago last week. qantas grounds its fleet of super jumbo jets after an engine blows in midflight with passengers on board. unbelievable story of survival. an infant falls 80 feet into the arms of a doctor.
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a chicago bound mail bomb was diffused minutes before it was set to explode. investigators pulled two packages off carlo -- cargo planes in england last friday. they were sent from yemen. bombs were wired to sell phones and hidden in toner cartridges of computer printers. the phones were rigged to be used as a timer. white house press secretary robert gibbs says when the bombs were set to go off is still under investigation. >> qantas airlines grounds its fleet of airbus 380 planes. the decision comes after a flight blew an engine and had to make an emergency landing. the destroyed engine rained large chunks of metal over a residential area in western indonesia yesterday. the plane landed safely in singapore and none of the 459 passengers aboard were injured. qantas says there was no explosion but passengers and people on the ground say they heard blasts. qantas officials say the planes
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will be grounded until they are confident all safety requirements have been met. >> erupting again today sending hot ash 20,000 feet into the sky. the volcano has produced more than a dozen powerful blasts since it came to life nine days ago. so far 44 people have been killed. latest eruption forced drivers in cities 20 miles away to use headlights in broad daylight. soldiers helped thousands of frightened villagers seek shelter. haiti is still recovering from last winters devastating earthquake and now it's under a hurricane warning. tropical storm tomas is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and strike haiti sometime tomorrow. before that it could hit jamaica as a tropical storm with winds near 50 miles per hour. >> former president george w. bush says being criticized by singer kanye west was the lowest part of his presidency. he makes remark in his memoire decision points. west had told viewers during a
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televised benefit concert in 2006 that george bush doesn't care about black people. that was a direct quote from west. he also said that bush didn't do enough to help hurricane victims. mr.bush taped an interview with nbc news' matt lauer admitting he did not respond as effectively as he could have. that interview will air monday the day before bush's memoire goes on sale. people in paris are calling this a miracle. 18 month old boy is alive after his parents left him alone at their apartment. police say the parents went for a walk and left the baby with his three-year-old sister. the boy made his way to an open window and fell out. he fell eight stories. hit an awning in front of a restaurant on the ground floor. there is that awning and bounced into the arms of a doctor walking by. the little boy was not injured. police are now questioning the parents. >> wow, look, that's a long fall. okay, why it may cost more to buy a pair of jeans.
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day's top business stories coming up next. >> coming up, this well-known dish was allegedly created in louisiana back in the 1800s. ahead in lunch break today. the crab house shows us how to make oysters rockefeller. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the new healthcare law gives us powerful new tools to fight it.... to investigate it... prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country...
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it is the mystery of the missing stolen money. two bags of stolen cash have been recovered but $7,500 is still missing. the money was taken tuesday from the u.s. bank branch of 183 and kedzie. the more than $100,000 that was found was in the backpacks of two suspects and they are now in custody. the bank audit revealed $7,500 that the fbi cannot account for. the fbi's investigating and they aren't sure if that money might have blown away. the bank is also reauditting to make sure they didn't make a mistake. nobody was injured in the robbery. police are looking for the
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driver of the getaway car. todd stroger's former deputy chief of staff may actually collect unemployment even though she faces charges of stealing $300,000. carla oglesby used stroger's authority to award no bid, no review county contracts to her own private company and a few of her friends. when stroger fired her, she filed for unemployment. yesterday, the county board voted to urge stroger to fight oglesby's unemployment claim but stroger said he hasn't made a decision yet. chicago bar association couldn't stop cook county voters from retaining four judges the association considers unqualified. by narrow margins, the voters kept circuit judges jim ryan, susan mcdone, dorothy jones and william o'neill. they criticized george ryan's temperament and mcdunn lacks legal knowledge. jones and o'neill didn't submit to the evaluation process. the group says it is
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disappointed that all four will keep their jobs. the election ballot oak park voters overwhelmingly supported a vaccine disclosure referendum that carries no enforcement. the suggested health care providers outline the list of ingredients in vaccines. and at issue is mercury based preservative. it has been phased out of most vaccines for the influenza vaccine. although the vaccine is available without. the public health director says it will be no impact or enforcement. health officials report a outbreak of whooping cough at two north shore schools. 14 students in the same class at high crest middle school in wilmette were diagnosed with whooping cough last month. six cases also were reported at carlsten washburn elementary school in winnetka. whooping cough also known as pertussis asian contagious disease that causes severe coughing and can lead to
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pneumonia. no new cases have been reported. the plan to open an outdoor police firing range is not sitting well with some residents on chicago's southeast side. >> a hearing today at metropolitan water reclamation district could put the plan one step closer to reality. more on the story from wgn's muriel clair. >> reporter: well, at issue is 140 acres of unimproved water reclamation land located at 2025 east 134th street. now the city of chicago wants to build an operate a police outdoor firing range and training facility on 33 acres of that land. southeast side community residents and environmentalists are against it and they have been fighting it through three hearings and they are still at it. >> we think that this protecting the natural areas will help protect our own homes and our own people. our own environment. that's why we were so against
12:19 pm
putting a gun range on this site which is a wetland area. right now we have a calumet river that actually says the landfills will be redeveloped for recreational use so we have all of these promises and then all of a sudden a project like this pops up which we know will deny us access to that property. it will not be open to the public. they can't have an outdoor firing range open to the public. that would be a flaw in security. >> absolute need of resources within the chicago police department. they can do their job. they can protect not only the people of the community but themselves as well. this firing range will allow them to procure more of those resources in order for them to do their job. >> well, the water reclamation district board today is considering giving the city authorization to negotiate a lease. now once that is done, it opens
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up the floodgates of final steps needed not the least of which being the zoning board presentation. so finalization is still a few months away. but the community group says that they will continue to fight it to the very end. outside the water reclamation district headquarters, muriel clair, wgn news. i'm angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. the u.s. economy is buzzing thanks to employers squeezing more proddictivity from workers. and that led to an unexpected drop in cost. labor department says employee output per hour rose at 1.9% annual rate. more than forecast. this is company remain focused on cutting expenses and running lean. on the foreclosure front, jp morgan chase says it stopped 127,000 foreclosures in 40 states. that's up from 115,000 it said last month.
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while it reviews files to correct any errors in foreclosure documents pp separately the bank has received requests for files from fannie mae, freddie mac and other investors on $8 billion in outstanding loans. that may be candidate for buyback. and on the earnings front, investors not answer at california designer jean maker true religion which cut its earnings forecast. the designer jean company says that consumers are cutting back on premium denim because of the economic slowdown. but jeans in general, anything made with cotton about to get more expensive. whether they are designer or not. the price of clothes, sheets and towels, linens all about to rise as cotton prices continue to skyrocket to the highest price in 140 years of trading. and that is because china demand for cotton is going faster than what's available in the marketplace right now. all right, on wall street, we
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are seeing stocks rising again today as investors speculate the federal reserve will succeed in stoking growth. it did say that it will buy $600 billion worth of treasuries to boost the economy. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. coming up next, new findings about autism and connections to the brain. >> plus, there are already vowing to repeal the overhaul. what are the gop's chances of undoing health care reform? >> no doubt, they are uplifting music. march forth marching band performing tonight at the cubby bear on addison.
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a gene links to autism can rewire the brain causing learning problems. according to a new study led by a ucla doctor and published in science translational medicine. it found that contictic cannot only rewire the brain but may harm connections between the frontal lobe and other areas. the study was done by looking at brain imaging scans of 32 children. half had autism. findings could lead to new ways to help with the treatment of early autism. spending more on
12:26 pm
prescription drugs doesn't always translate into healthier patients. a study in the "new england journal of medicine" found big variances on how much is spent on drugs to treat medicare patients across the country. there was no correlation between spending and how well the patients did. and another study in the new england journal found that when the government cracks down on payments for certain drugs, doctors are less likely to prescribe them unnecessarily. the next speaker of the house, congressman john boehner vowing a fight backed by the gop to turn back the obama administration's health care overhaul. >> sibelieve the health care bill enacted by the current congress will kill jobs in america. riewnt best health care system in the world and bankrupt our country. that means we will have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of health insurance. some republicans do not expect to complete repeal of
12:27 pm
the health care reform law because of two things. the popularity of provisions like coverage of people with preexisting conditions as well as the president's veto power. so what are the republicans chances of overturning health care reform? >> and here now with more of "chicago tribune" health reporter bruce japson. >> hey. >> we mentioned the story. the gop can't pull the plug on health care enfirely. what can they do? they only control the u.s. house of representatives. >> that is a political problem for them for sure. the other thing i would disagree with the incoming house speaker he is not reading a lot of the press releases coming out of the powerful health care industry including the pharmaceutical industry which came out just yesterday talking about how they provide jobs. one thing he is talking about the jobs potentially going away, this bill will create over 30 million paying
12:28 pm
customers. the walgreens ceo on a conference call this morning talking about how they will be expanding and they employ over 2 hundred thousand people. health care is such a big part of the economy, they aren't going to get away with repealing the bill. they might be able to make certain changes. i know that there were some potential tax issues or maybe there were some penalties for people who do not sign on. maybe they could hold up certain funding and so forth. a lot of the action on implementation of this bill is going to be in the states anyway where they will set up exchanges for people to get coverage. >> bruce, is there anything in the health current health care bill that critics agree is a little messy or maybe inefficient that maybe should be taken out if possible? >> well, i think the fact that the states are going to have to come up with some money to fund certain aspects of this is
12:29 pm
where you could have some problems. i mean, even in illinois where it looks like democratic governor will stay in office, democratic legislature, let's take illinois. we have huge financial problems in the state. it's sort of like the situation with medicaid. medicaid, half of it is paid for by the state and half by the federal government. to implement some the health care reform you will need some state dollars and a lot of the states have some cash issues. so they might be saying legislators might be saying, i just don't think we can do some of this right away. i think that's where you will see some of the problems. but as far as taking away benefits that have been given, the incoming speaker of the house, that will be tough because we know that the difficult times reign in any type of entitlesment wednesday once they are given to people. they think their constituents don't want it or
12:30 pm
because the lot of the a -- health care lobby doesn't want some of it? >> that's a great question. i think that if they list tonight health care lobby, the health care lobby is not coming out and saying this should go away. now the u.s. chamber of commerce and some of the small businesses that are going to have to start providing a benefits to their workers when they haven't done it in the past, they rts ones that -- are the ones that don't like the idea of this but they are getting tax credit for it. so it's really difficult actually because the house republican incoming leadership has not been specific on what they don't like. they talk about how it's expensive and will bankrupt the country. i don't know if that's necessarily a true. but everything is expensive when you have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on wars and bailouts and all sorts of other things. it's just i think the timing of
12:31 pm
it is what the republicans probably don't like. and it's going to be difficult to rein this in. >> bruce japson from the "chicago tribune." thank you for your time today. partly sunny skies right now. but if it hasn't already changed, it's going to. jim ramsey has the blustery and wet details coming up next.
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calendar says it is november but in southern california it's more like the middle of july. it was 97 degrees yesterday in downtown los angeles. that's a new record. mercury hit 98 at l.a. international airport and it was a whopping 100 degrees in orange county.
12:34 pm
jim ramsey, any of that warmth, just a smidgen headed our way? >> a smidgen is all i can promise. >> we will take it. >> that heat out west is helping to buckle the jet stream and we will get into a strong northwesterly flow aloft. probably more des-style temperatures. we will talk about that in a moment. a few cloud patches out there early this morning. but notice a lot of blue skies. you check out the time lapse pictures. but at last check particularly over the downtown area, mostly cloudy skies have built over the city. areas under the cloudiness are still in the 40s. but if you are able to drive far enough to the west and get into some sunshine, temperatures have moved into the 50s. take a look at that. rockford up to 52 degrees. it is chilly. under the cloudiness. dew point temperatures suggest the air is fairly dry out there. readings in the 30s across the area. winds, powerful. coming out of the north, northwest, wind speeds about 15 to 25 miles per hour. and we can also calculate some wind gusts.
12:35 pm
take a look at these numbers. fairly gusty breeze and that will continue thriewr the balance of the day today around chicago. now take a look at this. the forecast of temperatures. this is the cold air. now watch what happens over the next few days. this is tomorrow. we will be in the heart of this coldest air. there is the warm air allison was talking about. we do get into that but it moderates just a bit. we were looking at maybe two or three days in the six yondz the cold snap. then another plunge of cold air coming in here in about ten days reducing our temperatures again to the 40s for day time highs. a big system off the east coast is actually two areas of low pressure contributing to this one. looking at pockets of heavy rain in the northeast. and a little closer to home. that north, northwest wind carrying lake moisture ashore in parts of michigan and north central indiana, lake effect rain occurring and tonight as temperatures drop some of that may become snow. in fact, snow is also on the map in parts of the upper
12:36 pm
peninsula and in western wisconsin. as our temperatures drop tonight it's possible that with the arrival of some patchy shower activity we could also see some maybe flakes of snow or a little sleet but not before about midnight across the chicago area. this is the way our computers see. it you can see the snow developing according to this pushing along lake michigan. no surprise there. mostly it looks like a north central indiana proposition or areas just to the immediate east of lake michigan over in parts of western michigan. accumulating snow probably not but we will keep a close watch. here is our forecast now. first of all for the afternoon, mostly cloudy. late showers this afternoon. rain showers. temperatures will be falling. the high is occurring now between about 46 and 50 most places. northwest winds continuing and then for tonight mostly cloudy. showers possibly with a low temperature 30 to 37 degrees. notice the winds die down a bit also. tomorrow morning clouds. a little afternoon sunshine
12:37 pm
probably with high only upper 30s or low 40s with a northwest wind at about 10 to 18 is the core of the cold air comes in the area. it begins to leave us as rapidly as it comes on saturday. temperatures move back to the mid-40s. mostly sunny skies i think for saturday but there will be a cloud patch or two. it won't be a blue sky kind of day. it will be nicer nonetheless. still a bit chilly. we do warm up nicely for sunday into monday. we will talk about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. in the short run it's going to be cold. >> of course. it's that time of year. >> check out the trivia question today. which third party has fielded a candidate for president in every election since its formation in 1869? is it the green party? the libertarian party or the probation party? the answer still ahead on the wgn midday news.
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blackhawks struggle -- struggles continue. they trailed new jersey devils for much of the game before fernppedo tied the game at two in a third. later in the third, devils brad mills sneaks in a goal off the goal tender. and that's all the scoring the devils would need. they win 5-3 and that marks the fifth loss at home this year compared to only eight total losses at united center last year. ryne sandberg has left the cubs. turned down the chance to manage a triple-a again. not a big shocker. he wants a major league job. cubs deny he was offered the job as bench coach and say he is always welcomed back. randy moss will play for his third different team this season. he was claimed yesterday -- that's not randy moss. he was claimed by the tennessee titans after being waived by the vikings. moss started the season with the new england patriots and
12:41 pm
then traded to the vikings before released after four games. moss was passed up by 20 teams which included the bears before being claimed by the titans. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. (vet) 3q i love working with animals,
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illinois governor's race is still not been decided yet but governor pat quinn is starting to pull away from bill brady in the ballot count. quinton-- quinn leads brady by 19,000 votes.
12:45 pm
randy belesomo joins us live from the south side. where quinn is thanking voters today. hello, randy. >> good afternoon. this is the governor's first public appearance since election night and he is thanking voters for keeping him in office. those opponents hasn't conceded yet. governor pat quinn arrived just about two minutes ago here at manny's deli where he is shaking hands with the lunch crowd. yesterday he spent his time huddled in his home consulting with election attorneys. republican challenger bill brady hasn't given up the fight yet. quinn's margin is more than 19,000 votes. the territory that remains untallied favors quinn because it includes democratic chicago and parts of suburban cook county. that's why the governor is claiming victory. campaign spokes men say they don't see a path of victory for the opponent. president obama must think the same thing. he called quinn yesterday to offer his congratulations. quinn is now inside manny's. we will go in and see what he has to say and bring you more
12:46 pm
on our later news casts. i'm live in south loop, randy belesomo, wgn news. and it's time now for our lunch break. shaw's crab house joins us next. we will learn how to make the signature oysters rockefeller and more live music from the march 4 marching band. if you have osteoporosis, and you take once-monthly boniva, check out the myboniva program. it's free to join, and it shows you lots of ways to help improve your bone strength. like bone-healthy exercises that are easy to do. boniva works with your body to help stop and reverse bone loss. any myboniva gives you calcium-rich recipes... monthly reminders... and even a month of boniva, free. so call or go to and sign up now. ( announcer ) don't take boniva if you have problems with your esophagus,
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is it time for a lunch
12:49 pm
break and when i tell you it's the place to go for fresh sea food in chicago, i mean it. executive chef arnie teious from shaw's crab house is here. welcome. >> thank you. one of my favorite restaurants in chicago is shaw's. and i think it's great that people all over the country get to see you and see you do your thing on wgn today. you are going to make oysters rockefeller. >> yes. we first a little butter. >> and you guys have the best crab cakes in the world, by the way. >> and we have the little celery. >> celery and butter. >> a little scallion. a little celery seed. what we are doing is we are
12:50 pm
releasing the flavors of the celery seeds. >> is that a little kosher salt? >> kosher salt. pinch of black pepper and then we will add a little water. and add a little water. so the flavors are going to go into the water. and then we will reduce it about half. want to reduce it about half we will add the chopped spinach. we will use fresh spinach and then we will -- >> so you blanch the spinach. >> okay. >> you can buy choppedded spinach. >> sure, you can.
12:51 pm
then we will have a little worcester sauce. >> you just put a drop in. >> just a drop. just a little bit. and then we just pull it a little bit. we led it cook for like five minutes. >> we want to infuse the flavors from the celery seeds from the celery into the spinach. i have one of them that is cooked. >> sure. >> that looks more like it. we will get to the oysters. very important that when you open an oyster you protect yourself. >> i love it.
12:52 pm
your oyster shucking -- >> yes. because sometimes it might break and then you poke your hand with it. >> sure. >> and you have to use something to protect it. sometimes the oysters can be a little hard. especially an oyster this big. >> look. yeah. now let me ask you, do you serve frieded oyster? >> we don't have it on menu but someone comes into the restaurant. >> call ahead. >> love fried oyster. >> make sure we cut the oiser from the muscle. >> rocks of salt. >> little rocks of salt so then they aren't moving around. and have been -- make sure the
12:53 pm
spinach over the oyster. >> if you never had oysters before, oyster rockefeller is a good place to start. because they are cooked and you have all of 9 other ingredients that kind of distract your taste buds and then eventually over time you will get to the point where you will take that raw oyster and knock it back. >> some people are a little afraid of eating raw oysters. you can start with the oyster rockefeller. baked, cooked, and then go from there like you said. we put a little holon day --dous -- holondous sauce over. it's easy to make. in a way you see, simple and complicated. because if you don't follow the rice test, the rice test, it will tend to break. >> this is holondous sauce. >> holondous sauce and then we
12:54 pm
fold a little cheese into it. >> okay. >> and then we bake it for about seven minutes. and then -- >> here it is. >> final product here. so this is nice and golden. and then you take a fork and for those that like lemon squeeze a little lemon on the oysters. >> and the little baby forks. use one of the baby forks. >> and enjoy. chef, thank you so much. and listen, i hope to see you guys soon down at shaw's crab house. 21 east hubbard street in chicago. if you are from out of town this is a restaurant you want to hit on any visit to chicago. for more information, check ou3q are you suffering from frequent heartburn ? try zegerid otc. it's the first 24-hour treatment with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient so it's effectively absorbed. for 24-hour relief, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc.
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we will tart with the answer to our trivia question today. might surprise you which party, which third party has fielded a candidate for president in every election since its formation in 1869. the green party, libertarian party or the probation party?
12:57 pm
the answer is c, the probation party. >> we were all surprisedded by that. >> you know, i will start the weather with a little chat about tropical storm tomas. which right now is 295 miles that's west, southwest of port- au-prince haiti but it is tracking to the north. and there it is on the satellite map. maximum sustained winds at the moment are 55 miles per hour. it is expected to bring some very strong conditions if not dangerous to haiti and parts of cuba. hurricane warning is in effect for haiti, the southeast bahamas, turks and caicos islands and cuban providence of guantanamo. now the seven day forecast, there is it, colder air expected in here tomorrow. a little improvement from that point on. and there is that possibility maybe of a passing shower tonight and maybe a little mix of rain, snow, sleet in some areas. primarily north central indiana.
12:58 pm
>> friday, tomorrow, cold. >> oh, yes. very cold tomorrow. >> thank you. you got the warning. dress warmly tomorrow. thank you for joining us today. >> have a great afternoon. the wgn news is back at 5:00 and 9:00. we will leave you with more live music from the march 4 marching band. ♪[ music ]
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